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  • Artists:Appear in Issue One
  • Release Date:01 October, 2018
  • Genre:Rock, Pop, Melodic
  • Compiled by:WildSpiritz Music Ltd

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Issue One of WildSpiritz Rising Magazine was an idea born out of a mutual love of music by two guysin a pub while watching The Soap Girls. Ernest and I waxxed lyrical about the fact although there were some magazines out there promoting the DIY music scene we felt we could do it a little better. I hope we came through on that.

So here is a small selection of talent from around the world, from the mighty Fall Has Come from Italy, and their country mates Black Mamba, homegrown The Loved and Lost, the utterly Amazing Sertraline, energy delivered in huge waves from Digital Criminals, be sure to catch all the guys Live and support the work they do.