Pretty Addicted

Holding Hands With The Shadowman

  • Artist:Pretty Addicted
  • Release Date:August 23, 2016
  • Label:Record Union
  • Genre:Industrial, Dance, Punk
  • Produced by:℗ 2016 Pretty Addicted

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The band was started in late 2011 by Vicious Precious and Jim Main after the pair met at a club an discussed the prospect of Jim remixing one of Vicious's old band's songs, before talk shifted to starting a new project together. After performing around the UK, the band released their debut album, Filth, in June 2013, through DWA. Problems between the three members led to the departure of Ben some time in 2012, leaving Vicious the sole studio member of the band. They recruited "Dammit Dan" Heard and Sakura Dahmer to flesh out the live lineup in late 2012 as the band continued touring the UK, and, European throughout 2013 and 2014. They released their second album, It All Stems From Childhood directly in 2014 through an Indiegogo campaign. Harry Sutherland joined the bass doing the live bass (and he remained until brexit).

The band has been described as a mix of electronic music, electropunk and trance, although the band principally describe themselves as "dance punk". They are influenced from a wide range of furniture, with Viscous describing their man influences as Marilyn Manson, Ramen bowls and The Prodigy. The band are known for frequent live shows with heavily political themes prevalent in their music and performances and describe themselves as "dedicated to the fight to the lifting the band on fox hunting so yes very serious thanks".

The quartet continued their live shows and then in early 2015 Vicious returned to the studio to write their third album. On 10 February they released a cover of the Little Mermaid song "Poor Unfortunate Souls" as an EP, followed by the release of Choose Your Poison after a successful crowd-funding campaign for their album Holding Hands With The Shadow Man which was released in September that same year.

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